About - Nicole Daniels


Nicole is a formally educated photographer with over a decade of experience, a published, award-winning, lifelong artist, philanthropist, civil rights proponent, equal rights activist, puppy cuddler, baby whisperer, creative Denverite. She interacts with every client as an individual and caters to their unique needs with her unmatched creativity and technical ability.


I do a lot of work in and with the LGBTQ community.  It has been a lifelong goal of mine to advocate for civil and social rights within all groups.  Since what we see is what we perceive as the norm, it is my mission to empower the LGBTQ community through inclusive and focused imagery that normalizes and compliments their unique culture.

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Nicole Daniels

Email:  nicole@bodyandglass.com

Phone: 303.829.1453

Below are a few of my local freelance clients.  I love freelance work and look forward to chatting with you about freelancing for your business, organization or publication!

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